Secretarial services

What you need, when you need it.

Devote yourself to the most essential and lucrative activities

Our team will take care of all your administrative needs to help you maximize your time. Because your time is money!
Management of your appointments in real time (by phone or online). Management of confirmations, reports and cancellations.
Revision and correction of texts. Review of grammar and syntax. Structural modifications.
Writing, responding and sorting your mailbox. Implementation of automated procedures.
French to English and English to French.
Writing of reports or minutes.
Adjustment of line spacing, margins and spacing. Pagination, creation of table of contents.
Taking your telephone calls, telephone line transfer, prospecting call.
Creation and layout of automated forms that can be filled out on the Web.
Processing of your data from various documents. Transcription of audio or manuscript content.
Search and reservation of location, caterer, florist, local media, etc.
Summary of texts presenting ideas in concise, complete and organized ways.
Documented and supported research using various credible and varied sources.
Pastille rose
Pastille rose

We can assist you on an ad hoc or regular basis

Whether it's to replace maternity leave, to prevent a disruption of services during your summer vacation or for a long-term solution, Véronique Gosselin Administration is there to meet your administrative needs.

We are informed and on the lookout for new information

Knowledge is power. We have therefore chosen to give a special place to the training of our employees.

Professionals employed by AVG undergo regular training in order to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. In addition to the mandatory training required by various authorities in order to keep the licenses to practice in force, in-house training is offered in order to ensure optimal sharing of knowledge. Great importance is placed on knowledge and innovation. Great importance is placed on knowledge and innovation.

Véronique GosselinPresident

The Veronique Gosselin Administration’s team is made up of several certified professionals who have customer satisfaction at heart. Our team will meet the administrative needs of your business. Our collaboration will allow you to take back control of your time and thus be able to dedicate yourself to the most essential and lucrative entrepreunarial activities because your time is money !

Cost reduction
End of service interruptions
Team of certified professionals
Call return in 30 minutes
Possibility to cancel at any time
Pastille rose
Pastille rose

Nothing is impossible if you organize your goals in a way that achieves them

We offer administrative services that will allow you to organize well.

Let's find a plan that suits your needs.

Your time is money.