Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ was developed from the questions that are frequently asked of AVG.
What does your company specialize in?

AVG specializes in administrative services for business people. Thus, we offer accounting, secretariat, marketing and human resources management services.

What does your company specialize in?

Certainly ! AVG uses sophisticated and robust cloud security systems.

Who can join AVG's services ?

Quebec’s small and medium-sized businesses.

Who can join AVG's services?

Because we process your data in a virtual way, we are able to cover the entire territory of Quebec.

Is it possible to meet you ?

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, AVG prioritizes televirtual meetings. However, it is also possible to meet in person with a member of our team to better serve your needs.

What will be my investment in time ?

AVG’s goal: To free you from administrative tasks so that you can focus on your most essential and lucrative business tasks. So, we try to accomplish more so that you have to do less!

What are the costs associated with AVG services ?

From the start, we determine your needs together and present you with a fixed monthly price tailored to your situation.

What payment method can I use to pay for my AVG services ?

You can pay us by check, bank transfer or Paypal.

Why do I have to sign the provincial and federal proxy forms (MR-69 and RC-59) ?

The Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec require each taxpayer to sign the forms mentioned above for legal reasons. These forms allow us to represent you with government authorities (GST/QST, DAS, etc.).

What is Quickbooks online ?

Quickbooks Online is an accounting software accessible via a cloud network. The app is available on your computer, tablet and smartphone (iPhone and Android).

Do I need to change accounting software ?

Yes, and an advisor will support you for all the steps of integrating and migrating your financial data to Quickbooks online. You will not lose any data and you will have access to your online accounting at all times.

How do I submit my documents ?

The transmission of documents is simple and secure. Our messaging software is secure. As for the transmission of invoices, all you have to do is take a picture of your documents via the camera of the Quickbooks application and AVG will take care of processing them.

What does cloud computing mean ?

This is the power of storing data on remote interconnected computer servers accessible via the Internet. AVG makes every effort to ensure the optimal security of your information.

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